Success Factors:

Jointly with you, I will reduce the complexity of this industry sector
and its technologies. This will allow you to make use of this
know-how and create a tangible business.

Right Market

The technology of printed electronics targets a multitude of markets with different levels of maturity. The more upstream in the value chain, the more difficult it becomes to select the right market.

The Right Technology

Materials, processing technologies, and systems compete with each other and change constantly. This will tie up significant resources. You need to decide at an early stage, which technology you plan to develop in the market.

Flexible Positioning

Business models change rapidly in this industry sector. Due to a complex network of players, technologies and levels of maturity, it will be required to continuously examine your market position and allocated resources – ultimately to offer products for a sustainable product business.

Relevant Information

The information available on markets and technologies is complex, confusing, and partially inconsistent. To enable wise management decisions, this information will need to be filtered in a suitable way.

Outstanding Partners

Alike the market, the value chain of the industry sectors is global. It is essential to find suitable partners in each international market, on all levels of the value chain, and to smoothly work with your partners across the borders.

Long-Term Management

Many applications developed slower than expected. In parallel enormous resources continuously flow out of your enterprise. The key to success is an efficient resource management to keep products in the market alive for a long time while improving them further.

Selected Publications

During my whole professional career, I have published articles on our industry sector, as a development manager, as a business manager, and as the chair of an industry association.

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Frequently you can find my contributions and comments regarding the latest topics of organic and printed electronics on LinkedIn Pulse with the intention of a lively discussion.

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Dr. Stephan Kirchmeyer:Professional Experience

Born in 1957, doctoral degree in organic chemistry

With 22 years of experience in this industry sector,
my last position was the Head of Marketing, Business Line Display & Semiconductor, at Heraeus, and COPT Center, University of Cologne

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