Portait: Dr. Stephan Kirchmeyer

Dr. Stephan Kirchmeyer:Professional Experience in Business Strategy and Research

Born in 1957, having a doctoral degree in organic chemistry. With 18 years of experience in this industry sector, my last positions were the Head of Marketing, Business Line Display & Semiconductor, at Heraeus, and at the COPT Center, University of Cologne

I am excited about exploring new ground. Nowhere else, the tension between material, electronics, and manufacturing is as pronounced as in our industry sector.

As a development manager I have worked from the early days on conductive polymers and developed them from the laboratory to a profitable business. Being responsible for the global business and technology at global plant sites I have closely experienced the complexity of international markets and their related value chains. As a business manager I have defined and consistently implemented new business strategies – in a complex market.

All this was new ground, for which I am still enthusiastic, especially for customer projects.

Management and
Business Director:

Participated in business acquisitions and divestments. Developed global and country specific business strategies, pricing, built links to the market, suppliers and partners

Technical Director:

Developed new application fields for organic electronics, directed global development and technical service activities, managed a plant site

Scientist and
Develop Manager:

70 patents, 60 scientific publications, 60 lectures at well recognized international congresses

Chair of the industry association OE-A:

Member of the board from 2009-2019, chairing the board from 2011-2015, developed the international strategy of the association, partnered for the LOPEC exhibition and conference, built a network with national associations in Asia